Best Dogs For a Family

Dogs play an important role in every family; they are known as the best companions that man can ever have. They just tend to make life a better place to live. However, not all dogs may fit in this category, since the world has many unique and different breeds. Every family looks forward to getting … Read more

10 Most Popular Dog Names

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8 Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

There are many reasons to take care of your dog’s teeth. This simple action will not only benefit your canine, it will also benefit you. Many people don’t realize how important it is to care for their dog’s mouth, but it is just as important as caring for our own oral health. Dogs get plaque … Read more

9 Dogs That Live The Longest

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8 Dogs With the Strangest Coats

1. Afghan Hound This has to be one of the strangest looking coats a dog could have. The long hair on the body is eye catching in itself but the snout and eyes are short haired as well as the tail. Their long hair blows in the wind making them seem more like a fairy … Read more

The 9 Most Popular Dogs on Instagram

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9 Things You Need to Buy When Getting a Puppy

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10 Most Popular Hypoallergenic Dogs

There are so many dog lovers out there, but some dog lovers happen to be allergic to them. Due to this reason, some people have developed hypoallergenic dog breeds so that allergic pet owners can have an animal without an allergic reaction. However, no dog can be totally hypoallergenic since they shed some kind of … Read more

9 Rarest Dog Breeds

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5 Reasons To Buy Dog Insurance

For thousands of years, dogs have proved to be more than just a man’s best friend. They have loyally remained mans’ worthy ally by actively participating in sharing joy and offering consolations in times of emotional distress. Additionally, dogs have been known to offer top notch protection when one is either asleep or away from … Read more