11 Dog Breeds That Don’t Play Well With Cats

Choosing a pet is a hard decision, especially if you already have other pets in your home. The stereotype that dogs never get along with cats isn’t always true. But, when it comes to these 10 dogs breeds, it’s best to not have a cat in your home. Always do your research when searching for … Read more

11 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Purchasing a dog can be a really tough decision. Do you want a dog that is small, large, mid-sized, a working dog, a companion–there are so many choices to make. Then, you have to factor in the time that you have to spend with them, how much their food will cost, what supplies you need … Read more

12 Worst Dogs For the Suburbs

It may seem hard to believe that any dog wouldn’t thrive in a suburban setting. Although, particular breeds, like toy dogs and terrier dogs, are not recommended for suburban living. Not because they won’t appreciate the open space, but because it is potentially hazardous for them or for you as their owner. Try to avoid … Read more

8 Best Lap Dogs

Yorkshire Terrier Nicknamed the Yorkie, this dog is happy and energetic and incredibly lovable. They are very confident in their appearance and devoted to their owners. Although they are considered a lap dog, they will only sit still for so long. Especially as puppies, they love to run and play and are very curious. This … Read more

8 Worst Dog Breeds For Seniors

Getting a dog as a senior can be a bit tricky. You’re getting older so you can’t handle a high-energy breed but you can also benefit greatly from a very calm companion. Many seniors get dogs for therapeutic purposes if they’ve lost their spouse or a close loved one but you need to consider their … Read more

9 Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing games with your dog is a great way to give them exercise but it’s also a great way to train them. These games are not only fun but they will keep your dog on their toes and keep them entertained with reward based training. Obstacle Course This one can be a bit time consuming … Read more

Best Dogs For a Family

Dogs play an important role in every family; they are known as the best companions that man can ever have. They just tend to make life a better place to live. However, not all dogs may fit in this category, since the world has many unique and different breeds. Every family looks forward to getting … Read more

10 Most Popular Dog Names

There are so many fun trends that influence the top 10 most popular dog names and it’s hard to determine what the top 10 actually are. But, here are the top categories and some of the most popular names in each category to get to you started if you’re stuck on finding the perfect name … Read more

8 Dogs With the Strangest Coats

1. Afghan Hound This has to be one of the strangest looking coats a dog could have. The long hair on the body is eye catching in itself but the snout and eyes are short haired as well as the tail. Their long hair blows in the wind making them seem more like a fairy … Read more

9 Dogs That Live The Longest

If you’re looking for a pet that will be around for a long time check out these adorable dog breeds. While most small dogs have a longer life expectancy, a few large dogs do too. Remember, it’s important to get your dog from a reputable breeder so you know it comes from a healthy line. … Read more